At Lex Cosmetics, we believe that beauty permeates from each one of you and that your individual spirits make you gorgeous! That's why we don't understand why big companies dictate what you should or should not buy in order to feel more beautiful. You should decide what makes you feel great, which is why our company was formed. We were founded on the belief that beauty should be created by those who use it and that make-up and nail polish are fun, so why not join in the creation experience?!

Additionally, we do not believe beauty is only skin deep. We find the most attractive people to be those who give back and dedicate their money and/or time to making our world a better place. Since we place such great importance on giving back to the world, we will be donating a percentage of profits to different non-profits and organizations that are important to you, which is why you will choose them!

So dig through magazines for inspiration, upload pictures of colors you love or just tell us what beauty products you are looking for and we'll make them. Because at Lex Cosmetics, Beauty is By You.


Lex is a fun-loving, twenty-something who loves cosmetics and nail polish. She has had her fingers painted every day since she was 10 years old and rarely leaves the house without lip gloss and mascara, at a minimum. One day, when searching for the perfect seafoam green nail polish, she realized that she would have to make it herself and that other people may face the same problem. So, she founded Lex Cosmetics as a way for make-up lovers to create the colors and products they love.